I Heart (or at least don’t usually mind) SCD

One of the questions I get asked, almost universally, after telling someone I’m grain, starch, refined sugar and (mostly) dairy free is “What in the world do you eat?”  I usually reply something like “Well, a lot of veggies and meat”, which is true but definitely only part of the story!  My SCD story would have lasted oh about, 2 weeks if it was only veggies and meat. 

Today I had a typical, all-american lunch: sandwich, salad and sweet.  The only difference is in the substitutions: three nut bread for wheat bread, homemade basil and apple cider vinigairette instead of store bought and a delicious strawberry shortcake cupcake instead of one made with wheat. 

Hello gorgeous…

I’ve got Danielle from againstallgrains.com to thank for the three nut bread and strawberry shortcake cupcake recipe.  The basil cider vinigairette is my own.  Both the strawberry shortcake and the bread are fairly time intensive but made on different nights, very do-able.  I had my sandwich with Harvati cheese, turkey and mustard.  Love that it’s not in a lettuce wrap!

like biting into a cloud!

I can’t wait to serve the strawberry shortcake cupcakes again.  I loved the strawberry merringue frosting– my favorite SCD frosting so far!  Cheers to “normal” lunches!  🙂


2 thoughts on “I Heart (or at least don’t usually mind) SCD

  1. This is amazing, Alli. I must try this three nut bread. I’m getting more and more sensitive to GF bread. Thanks for this post!

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