Herb Flat Bread with Enchive Pesto


Since discovering Roostblog, I have been enjoying recreating Coco’s culinary masterpieces.  This one has been my favorite so far!  The bread itself is fantastic and would be a great base for a lot of toppings (umm, next stop pizza)!  I couldn’t find arugula in our produce store so I went with enchive greens instead but it tasted fantastic!  The prosciutto made it nice and salty and the sheep milk cheese coddled my dairyphobe of a stomach.  We shared it with our friends for a tasty side-dish but it would make a great main dish as well.

The only substitute I made besides the arugula was basil for oregano.  I am finally accepting that I don’t really like oregano.  The basil was delicious though and my sage and basil plants got a chance to demonstrate that they are worth pampering to that extent.

Check out the recipe (and much prettier pictures) here.  Thank you Coco for the great recipe!




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