Orange Cupcakes with Cashew Cream Frosting

Yum!  A tasty treat from Roostblog for a summer evening.  The power is out here in Illinois but I was lucky to get these out of the oven just in time.  I will be honest.  I love the cupcake base but I’m still craving the powder sugary frostings of my past- too much maybe to fully appreciate the tangy cashew cream frosting.  Still, it’s good and light.  The coconut oil especially seems to have made the difference in the texture of the cupcakes.  Also, I’ve started ordering my almond flour from Honeyville and I like the texture so much more than other almond flours.  It’s much more smooth.

The only changes I made in the recipe were to add SCD legal apple juice to the cashew cream to create a better texture and to make my own “orange blossom water” into more of an orange simple syrup, i.e orange juice plus honey and hot water.

These cupcake papers from Michael’s made a cute compliment as well.  Yes, the people who design check out aisles design them with women like me in mind.  Can’t resist the pretty somethings!

Grab the recipe from Roostblog!


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