Fourth of July Hamburger Bun

Fourth of July Hamburger Bun

Fourth of July Hamburger Bun

I am determined to get my hamburger back. Seriously.

I miss it so much! The crunch of the lettuce mingled with the tang of the mustard and sweet zing of the ketchup. The pickle, the meat, the bread! I miss it all!

Yesterday brought us one step closer.

I adapted a recipe from againstallgrain. Danielle once against came up with a great recipe! The only thing I changed was almond milk to water (I ran out!). But it tasted great and I was grateful to not have a lettuce wrap!

The bun itself was pretty good but very dense so I ended up cutting it down a bit. Still, it was delicious! I topped it with homemade pico de gallo, avocado, mustard and sweet onions. Still searching for the elusive ketchup recipe but praise the Lord, I ate a burger!


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