Teriyaki Pork Marinade

So here’s the thing.  It would be great if I could average around 2 hours of cooking every day and try multiple times before serving the recipe to my husband.  But, with a full time, stress-filled job, church stuff, vague attempts to stay in shape and you know, other things in my life- I can’t usually spare the time.

This Teriyaki Pork is an awesome, low maintenance recipe perfect for Wednesdays where everything but the weather is going slightly wrong.  (And I’m still blaming the weather, as the downed trees from last week’s storm is creating road chaos and annoyance).

I looked at a bunch of recipes and picked the best of each to create an SCD legal, flavorful marinade.  I whipped up the marinade over my lunch break and let the pork sit for 6 hours.  It was well saturated but I suspect another two hours wouldn’t have done it any harm.

Teriyaki Pork Marinade

1/2 cup Coconut Aminos

1/4 cup Water

2 TBLS SCD legal hard cider*

1/4 cup honey

1 tsp fresh grated ginger

1 clove mined garlic

Mixed the marinade and let the pork sit for up to 6 hours.  We used butterfly cut pork chops- my favorite cut!  Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees and let cook for 35-40 minutes.  I cooked it in my corning ware and kept the glass lid on to protect the meat.

*For the cider, I used J.K Scrumpy, which we buy from Binnys.  Check out what Elaine has to say about it if you’re concerned or this explanation for a better understanding of what makes hard cider SCD legal. Don’t trust all brands!  Make sure it contains less than 1% of sugar added and that you understand the fermentation process or that it’s fully dry.

We ate it over-looking the lake behind our house.  My husband ate yummy rye bread from an awesome polish bakery in Chicago.  He’s a hard working dude, and pretty exceptional so I don’t begrudge him the occasional non-SCD item.  A great easy meal for a crazy day!


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